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Envouq - Beauty redifined by nature

Envouq is a Indian company dealing with the cosmetic products. Envouq is an unique shop, which has a wide range of products which are completely organic and non-organic as specified on the product. There is a lot of importance given to the nature in India and Envouq is committed to provide quality products to the clients.

Envouq Cosmetic Industries values and leadership

Envouq Industry is inspired by 5 core values that have intrinsic value in everything we do. They are the basis of our culture, our brand and our business strategy.

Core Values of Envouq

Respect: we are not afraid to introduce a sense of belonging in everyone
Passion: We put our customers at the centre of our activities without fear
Innovation: when we take risks to improve the customer experience, we are fearless
Expertise: We are bold in terms of learning and growth
Being Ecofriendly: our aim is to make A to Z cosmetic products which are 100% organic

We aim for remarkable product & beauty of every woman.

To come up with new products which are ecofriendly. To also make products which satisfy our customer’s needs. making products with the best quality is of utmost importance to us. Quality is the key factor that every customer is looking for. We strive and try our best to make quality products. we are striving to have the remarkable products in order to reach out to every nook and corner of the world.

Price: It is the most vital factor that every customer considers. We have products which are effective, organic and we make sure that the products are sold at affordable costs, as this accelerated the sales of our products. At the same time we strive to sell products rich in qualities.

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A Woman's greatest asset is her beauty

Alex Comfort


Our customers are of great importance to us. We believe that the customer should be retained and should have the best experience with our company. We follow the value drives which helps us to gain and retain customers.


Envouq is passionate about Cosmetic products for women and creating amazing cosmetics in our wonderful products to bring in the expertise of Cosmetic Industry to our customers anytime, anywhere. As providing genuine and honest product in the Cosmetic Industry, Envouq will continue to deliver best product possible to our clients.

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