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REPRAR offers you Website, Web applications, Mobile site development with a main motive of aligning your business processes, improving its efficiency and making to more cost effective. We help you overcome business challenges with custom implementations of web based solutions


Website Development.

When it comes to website development, our aim is to enable our clients to progress as swiftly as possible through web presence.

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Content Management System.

It is said content is king and content is essentially, a type of digital information you wish to share with your customers visiting your site.

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eCommerce Development.

Unsurprisingly, E-commerce development has assumed enormous importance in the modern day business world.

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With competing businesses vying with one another to create the most eye-catching and productive web presence, web design and website development have become a daunting task. But with our expertise, we can win this epic battle and make your website exciting and unique. We have proven strategies with regard to web designing & development and fully understand the quality of designs and development that the new web-age demands.

Competition makes our tasks challenging, and winning over others makes our efforts meaningful and rewarding. We are very confident that we can deliver remarkable web design and development to our clients – again and again. You provide us the opportunity to display our web business intelligence, and we do the rest for you – better than you ever imagined.

Our web and e-commerce team can develop anything you want: from an e-commerce website to complex web/online portals, web applications and content management systems. Using well defined technology and frameworks, our team delivers flexible, stout and secure solutions.

We have a well laid out process to create any design:

•   Understand/Learn
       Our team spends time to understand your business need, targeted customers & market competition

•   Wireframe
       Our designers first make a blue print to illustrate how the website will be laid out & structured to make most sense to your customers and ensure that more and more customers will be lured to your website.

•   Mockups
       Once we finalize the wireframes, we design mockups. These mockups are based on a color scheme & theme that most agrees with your business. Our designers use Adobe Photoshop to design these mockups.

       Once we finalize & get the mockups approved by the client, we hand code the HTML/PHP/CSS. The HTML/PHP/CSS is coded to be cross browser compatible and to be W3C compliant.

We use a cumulative approach to any development and follow Agile Development methodology. All our projects start with analysis and prototyping.


  • Work
  • Decision
  • Result
We take great pride in the way in which we deliver our services. We work with you to analyze and arrive at a complete understanding of the needs of the project. We then work to develop the right method and approach to execute the best plan possible. It is our goal to always make our clients happy and to build a long term relationship with each and every one of our clients.
As a business and a company ourselves, we definitely understand the challenges that businesses face. We know that the small things really matter, that you have many demands on your time, that you need a team you can trust, who can work as an extension of your business and can understand your problems and challenges.
We are being recognized for the way in which we deliver our services, we understand the complete need of the project. We completely analyze the project and its need, develop a method and execute it. We align a dedicated specialized team to work on particular project, we make our procedure very transparent to the clients, so you can also know what is happening with the project, we go extra miles to deliver your need.



I asked REPRAR to develope a website for my cherokee7 and they
developed a wonderfull website for cherokee7 and made it like real cherokee7


Aura Technologies

We have been dealing with REPRAR quite a long time now and i always find
their support and service very responsive and professional, looking forward to
build a long relationship with this company

Managing Director,
Aura Technologies LLC.

Pluno CRM

We always wanted a reliable CRM Solution for our company, where we can store
our sensitive information without the fear of loosing it and REPRAR has provided solution
for all our worries about our data and mode of operations.

Pluno CRM.