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The "slice and dice" option

Purchase only chapters, sections or even tables with our premium service Profound where reports are sliced and diced to fit your every need.

  • Stretch your budget.
  • Broaden your perspective.
  • Find and extract data quickly.
  • Streamline your workflow.

Marketing research methods

Our Specialists can Explore any report identify the requirement of two kind of reasearch-Based on questioning and Based on observations

  • Qualitative marketing research.
  • Quantitative marketing research.
  • Ethnographic studies.
  • Experimental techniques.

Greetings !

REPRAR's Market research and analysis helps companies to plan ahead rather than to guess ahead. In business, demand is always changing and therefore it is essential to know how things are changing. Market research requires a special form of skill and therefore our specialist team has necessary experience and also because market research takes up a lot of time. Methods used in marketing research Data gathering involves collecting as much information as possible about the market, usually before any further steps are taken such as creating a marketing model. It relies on desk research and field research. Data is divided into primary and secondary categories. Primary data are collected in the field. Secondary data are gathered from all the material that is at present available on the subject.

Market research involves collecting, recording and making sense of all the available information which will help a business unit to understand its market

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